Prints & Mounts

All Artworks are printed on quality Archival Fine Art paper. Prints can be teamed up with a soft white acid-free mount board, unless otherwise stated. All dimensions are nominal and are explained below

Print Size

The print size you select when buying the artwork.

Dimensions (cm)

The overall dimensions of the print without a mount. Note an additional 5cm border will be added to allow the paper to sit behind a mount.

Print with Mount (cm)

The dimensions when Artwork is supplied with a Mount. Mount size is approx 5cm all round. This is the information you require to select the correct frame size

A4 or 20cmx30cm

21 by 29.7 or 20cmx30cm

30 by 40


A3 or 30cmx40cm

29.7 by 42 or 30cmx40cm

40 x 50



42 by 59.4

50 x 70


30 x 30

30 by 30

40 by 40


40 x 40

40 by 40

50 by 50


50 x 50

50 by 50

60 by 60


Original Artwork

The overall dimensions of the original artwork are stated in centimetres on the product page. These dimension don’t include the mount. Note frames are not included in the Original Artwork dimensions or pricing and are included in images as examples only